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nice sunday ride with spn and 1sn0where

jalan2 bertiga sama pono dan sulei - Google Maps_1257122681436

Yeah i know, by this morning perhaps both of them already post this kind of thing too. but i bet something “they wouldn’t post it in english”. so here we go.

Yesterday was a great day, its been so long i haven’t got any “more than 30km” ride for three months. as for me, everyday i put my bike to work for 10-20km, well that’s no big difference between everyday ride with yesterday’s inglorious ride (or whatever they say). But yesterday we ride together @ibnutri (thats me), @spn (supono), and @1sn0where (sulaeman)  and that’s big difference since usually everyday i ride alone speeding (betting my life with death god) between ignorant cars and motorcyles.

it was started at BIP (thats the meeting point for titimplik team, and setiabudi team). then we ride down to the Jl sutan syahrir, after the not-so-famous-siliwangi-museum  we turn right to some unidentified road by me (sorry for my lack of road information). and then wo move on jl asia afrika, and after that we going through jl otista till we met the “lapangan tegalega”.

not long after tegalega we stop for a hydrocharge ( drink some waters in my language), then we found some unconvinient truth, that @spn forget to fill his water bottle and we need to share our water :(. that was so uncool. dehydration was never and will never COOL.

when we put our a*s at jl Soekarno-Hatta I realize something, thats its been to long for me not riding in this road. the road was wide , but the DPU has some work there so they take some space (they’re fixing the road i think). and you know somehing?  i saw a rice field, thats quite rare to me seeing rice field in bandung (i live in urban area). It was so nostalgic, cause part of my childhood was spent on rice field (you can’t call me alay aka. anak-layangan because i don’t play layangan but yes you can call me awah aka. anak-sawah 😀 )

after the rice field area i found nothing interesting, except that “almost accident” part. a motorcycle suddenly stopped in front of supono caused by engine failure (that’s what you got for relying too much on unmaintained engine). both of supono and sulei can stop easily, but for me i’ve got to rely to my own steering skills for my god damn rims are still chrome plated (gotta change this to some alloy rims ASAP for better grip). thank god all of us are using helmet, i know that safety is in our mind, but tools like helmet could improve our survivability.

I was supposed to take some picture on our ride, but somehow the digcam was taken the night before (by its owner aka. capcaibakar). so there was no picture taken. And the only image in this blog post is from gmap (and its not complete anyway, part of it wasn’t my usual riding track)


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5 Komentar »

  1. The next track is “Lembang”.
    Prepare yourself

    Komentar oleh Supono | November 2, 2009 | Balas

    • waduh kayaknya mesti latihan nih, lagian gw nggak punya “granny gear”

      Komentar oleh ibnu triyono | November 2, 2009 | Balas

  2. bentar ya gw install Transtool dulu 😀

    Komentar oleh dedix | November 2, 2009 | Balas

  3. kapan lagi nu? bilang atuh… tapi jangan lama-lama ya..kan saya narsis..kudu poto sana sini

    Komentar oleh iyra | November 2, 2009 | Balas

    • tau2 pagi2 dah nggak ada di meja. gak asyik ah gagal nih posting pake foto

      Komentar oleh ibnu triyono | November 2, 2009 | Balas

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